Patricia Zulliger – March 14, 2017

Die Kristallbehandlung bei Ximena war eine tiefe Erfahrung. Je feinfühliger man ist, desto mehr spürt man die Kraft der Kristalle, die sich Schritt für Schritt miteinander verbinden und ein heilendes Kraftfeld erzeugen. Welche Kristalle man im Moment benötigt, weiss Ximena ganz intuitiv. Ximena positioniert die Kristalle überall am Körper des „Patienten“ und erklärt gleichzeitig die Bedeutung und die Wirkungen von allen Kristallen. Danke Ximena für diese schöne Erfahrung!


Ernesto Zulliger – March 14, 2017

Ich war am Anfang sehr skeptisch über die Kristallbehandlung bei Ximena, weil es für mich ein wenig in Richtung Esoterik ging. Aber ich habe mich geirrt! Eine Kristallbehandlung kann man mit einer therapeutischen Massage vergleichen mit dem Unterschied, dass nicht der physische Körper behandelt wird, sondern der Geist und die Seele, die dadurch neue energetische Impulse erhalten. Ximena hat sehr grosse Erfahrung mit Kristallen, und ich würde mal behaupten, sie ist die einzige Kristall-Schamanin in der Schweiz.


Ryan Sansing April 09, 2015

Ximena is one of the most gifted and nurturing souls I have encountered in all of my travels. During my personal healing work in Pisac, the temazcal she offered, integrated all of the other work in such a potent way. Now when I bring groups, no matter who else we work with, Ximena and her sweat lodge are always a foundational part of the experience. She brings the sensitivity, care, and presence of a loving mother, giving exactly what is needed in each moment. She channels divine energy in the way of a visionary artist, bringing such power and devotion to clear the way for the healing and reconciliation to manifest. I have experienced the sweat lodge from many traditions in different parts of the world. Ximena’s work stands out in the way she makes us feel safe to open and release. Her method is like many months of therapy concentrated into a couple of hours. One of my participants shared that he sang for the first time in his life during this experience. Others have shared of the profound healing of past wounds and trauma from their childhood. I enjoy working with her also, because she is so genuinely humble, patient, and always does everything with the utmost care and integrity. Whether you are just passing through the sacred valley on your own journey, or with friends, or if you leading a group, or retreat, don’t miss out on this precious opportunity for healing and growth.


Yury Avi April 14, 2015

From the first time I met Ximena I realize that we have a great connection, She has such an easygoing appearance and integrity that you start to trust her straight away. She is very special and multitalented person. A healer, a visionary artist, a mother and a great friend. I’m very grateful for that chance to meet her as she helped me to see myself from a different angle and much supported me when I was going through a huge inner work. So If your journey brings you to Ximena I highly recommend her as true and humble human being to connect, to trust, to share and to work with. May all be happy and free.


Diversiform April 09, 2015

Ximena is an incredibly talented woman! A humble soul with immense skill. As a visual artist, she portrays the potentials of transformation latent within all of us. As a healer, she is able to coax those transformations out of us! Ximena is patient with explanations, sincere in her actions, and passionate about her practice… I am grateful to have met her, and would encourage anyone seeking balance, insight, and growth to experience her energy!


Kermit Goodman April 09, 2015

I have had the pleasure of experiencing several North American sweat lodge ceremonies, but none moved me as powerfully as Ximena’s ceremony. Ximena wields an effortless power and grace that delves deeply into the soul. Drawing her power from deepest feminine energies of Pachemama, she honors the masculine and feminine in all of us with integrity, demonstrating in her being, unmistakable expressions of love, compassion, and purpose.. I am grateful to have had the chance to participate in a circle of such healing and authentic expression.


Inge Kuijper May 11, 2015

Ximena offered us a beautiful Temazcal sweatlodge experience in the Sacred Valley. She has a patient, knowledgeable and loving spirit. It was wonderful to be involved in all elements of preparation, and the temazcal experience flowed gently, giving space for everyone and everything. Definitely worthy a big recommendation, thank you Cimena!


Miguel Kavlin April 30, 2015

Ximena is a beautiful person, who exteriorizes her inner beauty in her medicine songs, her medicine artwork, her mothering and her therapies. There is depth that results from a life intensely and exceptionally lived. Born in Bolivia, she was raised with the deep roots of a ancient and profound culture and connection to the land. Cannot recommend her more. You will be in good hands.


Alison Côté April 14, 2015

Ximena… A quiet soul that will come softly on your path to reflect Purity in your heart. A powerful soul that will teach you the Beauty in the Simplicity. A beautiful soul that expresses the Infinite Beauty of the Creation through her magnificent Art… A soul that will whisper into your ears that you are always walking the Path Beautifully … A soul that will sing to you the Unconditional Love that we Are… A soul that will hold a space to help you to acknowledge what is hidden deep inside of you ready to be transformed into Light… A soul that will look into your eyes and reflect Peacefulness… In her Presence… The healing is happening… In her Presence… You simply Are… Complete and Perfect as you Are.. The sweat lodge i experienced with her was a powerful key in my life to unlock old memories… Grateful I am… Her presence in your life will be a blessing…