Temazcal or Sweatlodge is a ceremony based on the 4 elements, earth, wind fire and water, a ritual guarded by the natives, it is said that White Buffalo Grandmother received this wisdom on a Vision Quest, through this process of purification you can connect with yourself in a very deep level what supports you to let go and heal, transform or liberate blockages and dis-ease from the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and energetic body. 

This medicinal Sweatlodge or Temazcal, is a space for healing that represent the womb, by side of sweating and singing, the medicinal plants essences and power tools we use through this process gives you the possibility to experience a deep healing in full awareness, where intentions and prayers find a pure way to be expressed. It is a space of freedom where you can allow yourself to feel vulnerable in a ritual of deep cleansing, the transformation is possible once we open to our connection with the essential that dwells within us, a friendly and powerful experience that can heal wounds and traumas, blockages and toxic patterns.

Honoring the ancestral memory the medicines of the Earth Pachamama, we connect in this symbolic Womb to rebirth allowing us to deliver all that is no longer healthy and take responsibility and consciousness for what we create in our lives, giving us a possibility of release, purification, sharing, healing and transformation.


Also known as Jaguarcita or Xaguar in the shamanic and ceremonial circles.

Medicine Women from Bolivia, dedicated her life into this path of discovery and transformation to native rituals and spiritual practices since 1995 the different events and experiences in her life are the main reason to be in connection with the spiritual realms,  feeling the call to get into a deep and committed journey of discovering, learning, understanding and practicing rituals and ceremonies.  

She learn from different masters from different traditions, Aymara, Quechua, Shipibo, Lakota, Cherokee, Camino Rojo, Buddhist.