Transformational Coaching

Are you having a difficult time..?

feeling alone, confused, with no motivation…

One of the reasons of depression, frustration or lack of selflove evolves mustly of the times in dis ease, sickness and other health and mental problems.

Considering all this global transition that we are facing as individuals I feel is very necessary to find the support in a foundational basis that can help us feel sustain to grow and shine from our true colours and nature.

In all this years of experience in Ceremony, Integrational work,  Group and individual Healing Therapies, I had the opportunity to face and support many different situations with completely different people from diverse backgrounds. 

I feel a big call to support and be present for others in times of need, as I know by my self how is to be in difficult times and sometimes not receive the support or right direction to transform and give space to the change. 

When we transform as individuals, we transform and liberate all our ancestors and we can be referral points for our closest circles, families and communities.

 I offer a group introductory call, where I will share some tools to practice and start to bring all ideas and concepts into action. 

The people who wants to go into a deeper work, will be able to receive one to one calls and if is needed adistant healing treatment to start to unlock patterns and be able to take the next steps into their own potential.

For more info, or to start you can contact me.