Crystal Therapy

A therapy to clear and identify blockages.

Using the guidance of the crystals shamanic and intuitive tools.

This Crystal Healing sessions provides you clarity and helps to remove emotional, physical, mental and energetic blockages you have. 

Every crystal is selected for your individual treatment.

I accompany this healing process with different shamnic tools and instruments.

If you feel drain, depressed, confuse, sad or sick, the crystals help you to see the reasons behind the dis-ease, increasing your understanding and the capability to be ready for a transformation. 

This is a treatment to restore and balance your energetic field to take the response ability for your life.

This process help you gain new vitality giving yourself the possibility of having more clarity in all levels and also knowing where you need to have more awareness and effort.

I offer my company and guidance with different tools and practices to support the process of inner transformation to empower your self and release, mental physical, emotional and energetic toxicity to find your center and truth again.

This therapy is also very useful to cut energetic chords with people, patterns, toxic relations or energetic blockages.

I offer this therapy one to one and also via Skype.

Languages: in English or in Spanish,  French and basic German.