Ximena Quinteros Aillon




Ever since I was a child, I had a very sensitive perception which lead me to developed a profound interest in the energy and spiritual reality and to connect with the power of crystals, stones, plants, stars, symbols, rituals and the spirituality within religions and other practices.

At the age of 17, I started my journey with plant medicines, I deeply engaged in shamanic work and rituals, ceremonies and initiations with different masters. I have dedicated more than 20 years of my life studying and working with medicinal plants from South America, having been introduced to many rituals and healing practices from many different traditions such as Red Path, the Huichol, Shipibo, Aymara, Quechua, Lakota, Kamentsa, Q’eru, or the Tibetan traditions. Through all this years of experience I can confirm, see and feel the interaction of the universal symbols that goes beyond the physical realm and limited beliefs, concepts or geography. The language of the spirit is Universal.

In 2009, I started guiding Sweat Lodge Ceremonies – Temazcals, and since 2012 I offer Crystal Healing Shamanic Intuitive Sessions.

In 2016, I established myself in Zurich, 5 months after arriving I had the opportunity to introduce myself, my practice and experience at the Pachamama Festival, guiding sweat lodges at the event. The experience was incredible, we had 5 intense days of ceremony, but inside my body I was dealing with with a lot of pain and a strange numbing sensation, it started in one toe and one month later it spread up my leg and reached my hip, on the last day of the festival the other leg started to have the same symptoms and by the time I got back to the city I was becoming paralyzed. I had no idea what was happening. The prognosis was that I would become tetraplegic, doctors found a cavernoma in my spinal cord right behind my heart. I always believed that to heal somebody you must first heal yourself. I consider that the healing process is just a reconnection with the core of each ones soul which has all the potential to heal and transform what is not in harmony.

Against all prognosis and to the surprise of the doctors, I am walking and slowly getting better with my personal healing in all levels. It was a very hard experience, life changing and unfortunately I received very little support as I was new here in Switzerland, and not even being able to speak the language. But everything happens for a reason after all and now I see all this experience with gratitude, knowing that if this had happened to me in Bolivia or Peru, the outcome could have been very different. I am grateful for this life initiations that connects us with the deep truth essence beyond all the rest.

I have lived so many stories and situations in my life but this one has showed me to stand up and to believe in myself, to overcome judgements of people who don’t even know me. This was a challenge that life put in front of me to show me how resilient I can be facing all this obstacles with dignity, standing in my truth.

I personally feel that a healer must first heal him or herself and that life experiences teach you much more than workshops or universities.

In all this years of incredible experiences I have learned a lot..! But it was through the events I have experienced since last I choose to go through this path and more since I came here in 2016 that my soul gave a big jump and crack over the shell of conditioning and limitations to finally set free, my heart’s wish is to support and be there for those who are in pain or need, applying the tools, practices and knowledge that was also helping me overcome this hard times, be present for those ready to transform and start being responsible, claiming their own truth to become empowered.

I have found that a growing number of people are becoming more interested in natural ways of healing, and I see that the humanity is opening to these new ways. 

I offer individual transformational healing sessions, Art workshops, Women and sound Circles, Celebrations with Music and Art, Conscious events and group Sweatlodge ceremonies.

My intention is to bring the people together to work and share from our talents and passions creating atmospheres of exchange respect, growth and caring, reconnecting with the wisdom of our ancesters, calling and living the spirit of community.